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The Colourful Spirit of an Ancient Craft

Indigo Borealis II

Eco Indigo Borealis II_w

I’m looking forward to presenting “Weaving and Dyeing in the Colourful Spirit of an Ancient Craft” on Saturday, March 14, 11 am – 2 pm, at the Anchorage Museum of Fine Arts, Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting.


Handweaving and hand-dyeing textiles with natural materials and botanicals, including indigo, has been practiced in the tropical islands of Okinawa, Japan since the 14th century.  Let’s take a journey and explore the colourful nature of these textiles, and learn how one fiber artist works to keep the ancient crafts in her family heritage alive while exploring new avenues in the application of these ancient techniques.

Key Topics:

  • Okinawan Weaving, Natural Dyeing, and Handspinning;
  • Ryukyu Ai Indigo Dyeing;
  • Shuri Ori, Bashofu, Ryukyu Kasuri and Bingata Textiles; and,
  • Eco-Dyeing

We look forward to seeing you there!  My best, Scharine

Exhibition: Interwoven V…Houston, TX USA

Juror Mary Welch has selected several of my handwoven and hand-dyed garments and accessories for inclusion in the upcoming Interwoven V exhibit. The exhibit will take place Oct. 19-27 at the 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX USA. Please join us at the reception on Sat., Oct. 19, 6-9 pm.  Come and meet a fabulous group of fiber artists!


Interwoven V, 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX USA

Exhibition: HAFA Gallery Show…Houston, TX USA

Gallery Show Announcement

Please join us at the upcoming Houston Area Fiber Artists (HAFA) juried gallery show, October 23-November 10 at Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX. I have several pieces in the exhibit and look forward to seeing you at the reception held on Oct. 26!

Gallery Show Announcement

Falling Leaves in Yanbaru…

Chirimen Maple Scarf_1_saturate

High in the Yanbaru Forest, the Sango Kaku leaves fall…

Yanbaru Sango Kaku

Sango Kaku leaves in the Yanbaru Forest, northern Okinawa Island – Japan

yes, the colorful maple leaves fall…

Chirimen Maple Scarf_2_saturate

onto the silk they fall…

Chirimen Maple Scarf_3_saturate

painting their colors on the chirimen walls…

on my scarf they do fall…

Chirimen Maple Scarf_1_saturate

fall, fall, fall…downunder

Scarf Festival

My Yanbaru scarf now lives downunder…sold at the National Wool Museum Geelong, Australia exhibition hall…a new home where my Sango Kaku leaves now fall…

The Transformation

I’m so pleased!  My hand-dyed piece, “The Transformation”, in the Focus on Fiber 2012 exhibit was sold at the 18 Hands Gallery on Friday.  I was provided with the contact information of the person who purchased my artwork, and I’m looking forward to an opportunity to meet her sometime soon!

“The Transformation”

Exhibition: “Focus on Fiber 2012″…Houston, Texas USA

The Houston Area Fiber Artists (HAFA) juried exhibit  “Focus on Fiber 2012″ will open this week in Houston, Texas USA.  My hand-dyed shawl, “The Transformation”, was juried into the show by Sally Sprout.

My cotton chiffon shawl underwent 3 phases of botanical dyework conducted in the U.S. and Trinidad, West Indies.  The botanical plants utilized included Ryukyu indigo (Ryukyu Ai) from my studio garden in Houston, TX USA and hundreds of fallen flowers from trees in the Queens Park Savannah in Trinidad, West Indies.  A sneak preview (photo) of the shawl is included in the exhibit invitation below.  We welcome your attendance at the reception and gallery show.

“Focus on Fiber 2012″ Exhibit – Reception September 22, 2012

Exhibition: “The Art of Fiber” Exhibit Poster

I’m so, so pleased.  Yet, I am humbled too.  My Ryukyu Ai (indigo) dyed silk shawl was included on “The Art of Fiber” exhibit poster.

My shawl was created utilizing an ancient method of fermenting indigo leaves common to Okinawa.  I grow the Ryukyu Ai (indigo) in my studio dye garden.

I see that my silk shawl is in good company.  It’s located next to a wonderfully sculpted fiber fish.  What better place to be?


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