I am a Happy Gardener…

The heat and humidity have arrived in Houston, TX USA, and the weather feels just like summer in Okinawa.  At least a month has passed since i first started tilling and enriching my Ryukyu garden bed.

So, this week i decided that it’s time…time to plant my Ito Basho seeds…i am a happy gardener…

Ito Basho (Ryukyu Fiber Banana) Seeds

Ito Basho (Musa balbisiana), also known as the Ryukyu Banana  Fiber plant, can take weeks to months to germinate.  I’ve gardened and worked the soil  to make the seeds feel just like they’re at home on Okinawa Island…

Ito Basho seeds planted in germination pots…

However, once Ito Basho germinates, it can grow up to 2 feet per day.  Hooray!

Ryukyu Fiber Banana Plants

When the Ito Basho trunks are mature and cut, they exhibit a wonderful fiber spiral…

Ito Basho fiber spiral…

After harvest,  i will process the fiber just like my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother have done so for many generations…and, i will spin, weave and make Bashofu cloth just like the generations of family before me…

Kijoka Bashofu Abaca Cloth

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