On my Tom-Tom today…

I often use my Okinawan High Loom tom-tom (loom beater)  for both weaving and display, but today i’m displaying my handwoven Bingata pouches another way…

Handspun and Handwoven Linen and Hemp Pouches. Bingata Natural Dyes.


  1. kris says:

    This is beautiful – Is the top piece just stiched onto the bottom? or stiched to the back? What is the size of these pieces? What a great idea!

  2. Kris, These pouches are handwoven linen and hemp. A separate Bingata natural dyes fabric was machine sewn onto the handwoven fabric. The pouches are about the size of a woman’s wallet. Heartfelt thanks for your comments!

  3. Misae says:


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