Kasuri Views

in my studio begins with a Hai Sai!  Let’s begin the day, shall we, with a magical tie…

…tie a tie…

then let’s dip our threads, yes dip our threads into the blue dye…

(and oh what pleasure there is in Ryukyu Ai!)

now our threads are drying…will tomorrow ever come?  i want to untie, oh yes, untie and view those blue-white hues…

yes, let’s see the blue white hues…

then we will wind and wind until we choose…

let’s wind and wind until we choose…

to warp and weave, then weave and sing!  Yes, let’s sing

the Kasuri Polka Dot Blues!

Published by Ryukyu Heritage Textiles

Weaver. Fiber Artist. Photographer. Cook. Independent Traveler. Writer. Knitter. Fiber Spinner. Gardener. Geoscientist. Nature Lover. Angler. Marathoner. Wife. Observer. Taster. Technologist. Did i say Weaver?

4 thoughts on “Kasuri Views

  1. Is that one of THE most beautiful sights in the world? – Threads just waiting to be woven into something beautiful!

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