These Bashofu Threads…

I’ve been spinning and winding these bashofu threads, and as I do, my mind spins and wanders too…

My Bashofu Threads

What shall these bashofu threads be?  A book cover, or tapestry?  Or perhaps a cherished cloth for my family?

Bashofu Skeins...What Shall they Be?
Bashofu Skeins…What shall they be?

These bashofu threads, once dyed and handwoven will tell a story.  Like these vintage kimonos, they will document a handweaver’s soulful journey…

Vintage Bashofu Kimonos


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5 thoughts on “These Bashofu Threads…

  1. Are these banana fibers, Scharine? How do you spin them so fine? I want to try spinning some shifu (I think that’s the term…fine paper yarn)

    1. Hello Mandi, Yes, these fibers originate from the basho banana tree. The processing of the fibers includes separating the individual threads, hand-knotting them together followed by spinning. The basho threads are fine, by nature. The spinning of the basho threads applies just a slight twist to the already hand-knotted thread to add strength for subsequent handweaving. Basho spinning is conducted on a basho spinning wheel (see for a photo of my basho spinning wheel). How wonderful it is that you will try spinning shifu! I have not spun shifu, however I have woven and knitted with shosenshi linen paper yarn. I combined the shosenshi with silk wrapped stainless steel to add strength and texture. I look forward to hearing more about your shifu spinning!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. One day I’d love to spin and weave basho. The textiles made from this humble fiber just astound me. Thank you for posting these images.

    1. Hello Kristin, I am a 4th generation bashofu weaver and dyer, therefore my opinion is most likely biased. Nevertheless, these humble basho threads astound me too. Perhaps someday we will have an opportunity to meet and spin and weave basho together. I visited your website this week–lovely posts. I particularly liked “The Magician’s Dream”. Are you on Facebook as well? Thank you for visiting my website–it’s a pleasure meeting you!

      1. No, I am not on facebook. I have a linkedin account, but have not done anything with it, yet. I would love to have the opportunity to experience how you make basho. I have long been intrigued by the Okinawan textiles, which is how I found your site. And you are somewhat close. I live in Tucson. I look forward to seeing more of your textiles…and maybe one day building a Takahata loom!

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