Chimugukuru @Okinawa Wakamono Taikai

I’ve recently returned from a week in Los Angeles, CA where I presented a Ryukyu Textiles cultural workshop at the 2013 Wakamono Taikai.  The Taikai is a meeting of the younger generation (ages 18-35) of Uchinanchu (people of Okinawa).  This year the focus of the conference was on Uchinanchu identity.

At the Ryukyu Textiles workshop, I conducted a presentation covering my own journey as a 4th generation Uchinanchu bashofu weaver, spinner and dyer.  Topics covered included the textile history of the Ryukyu Kingdom and the processes of preparing fibers and weaving bashofu, Ryukyu Kasuri and Shuri Hana Ori.  Bingata dyework was also introduced to the Taikai.

Ryukyu Textiles Presentation – Photograph by Daiya Miyazato

Seventeen (17) enthusiastic participants took part in the workshop…

17 Participants Eager for E-Gata and Ai Zomme – Photograph provided by Jeannie Williams

and they all exemplified Chimugukuru– the Uchinanchu heart, soul and spirit…

The First Dip of E-Gata on Silk in the Ryukyu Ai – Photograph provided by Jeannie Williams
The Magic of Ai Zomme from Green to Blue…Photograph provided by Jeannie Williams
Ichi nu ichimadin – photograph by Daiya Miyazato 
from generation to generation…
from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Okinawa and USA…

And I could see the Chimugukuru in their work…

Taikai Ryukyu Textiles Workshop_072613
Chimugukuru–you can see their heart, soul and spirit in their artwork!

My best to all the inspirational presenters at the 2013 Wakamono Taikai!

My Best to all the Inspirational Presenters at the 2013 Wakamono Taikai!


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