Kimono Jacket

Cotton yarn wrapped and tied.

Ikat woven in the colors of the sky.

Silk Bingata dipped in a magical indigo dye.


To Dye For_W
Kimono Jacket. Handwoven free-form ikat, indigo, earth pigments, cotton and linen.

Oh, the wonders of Ryukyu Ai!

My Indigo_2_w
Ryukyu Ai indigo leaves

Published by Ryukyu Heritage Textiles

Weaver. Fiber Artist. Photographer. Cook. Independent Traveler. Writer. Knitter. Fiber Spinner. Gardener. Geoscientist. Nature Lover. Angler. Marathoner. Wife. Observer. Taster. Technologist. Did i say Weaver?

2 thoughts on “Kimono Jacket

  1. is this the jacket i saw you wearing at the show? lovely….great to meet you and thank you for the suggestions on fermenting the leaves…will let you know how it worked out.

    1. Hi Glennis, Yes, this is, indeed, the jacket I wore at the Quilt Festival. The handwoven fibers and the bingata designs are dyed in Ryukyu Ai, the native indigo of Okinawa. Hooray for indigo:o) It was so nice to meet you too! I hope the fermented indigo works for you–my family has been dyeing with fermented indigo for many generations in northern Okinawa Island. Thank you for visiting my website and for sharing your lovely shibori scarf with me. Gratefully, Scharine

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