Falling Leaves in Yanbaru…

High in the Yanbaru Forest, the Sango Kaku leaves fall…

Yanbaru Sango Kaku
Sango Kaku leaves in the Yanbaru Forest, northern Okinawa Island – Japan

yes, the colorful maple leaves fall…

Chirimen Maple Scarf_2_saturate
onto the silk they fall…
Chirimen Maple Scarf_3_saturate
painting their colors on the chirimen walls…

on my scarf they do fall…

Chirimen Maple Scarf_1_saturate
fall, fall, fall…downunder

Scarf Festival

My Yanbaru scarf now lives downunder…sold at the National Wool Museum Geelong, Australia exhibition hall…a new home where my Sango Kaku leaves now fall…


Published by Ryukyu Heritage Textiles

Weaver. Fiber Artist. Photographer. Cook. Independent Traveler. Writer. Knitter. Fiber Spinner. Gardener. Geoscientist. Nature Lover. Angler. Marathoner. Wife. Observer. Taster. Technologist. Did i say Weaver?

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