Our Undyeing Passion for Indigo – Presentation & Exhibit

It’s spring.  So, there has been a flurry of Ryukyu Ai (indigo) activity…

well there’s the indigo harvesting, running vat trials on this season’s harvest, fresh leaf indigo natural dyeing and eco-printing, teaching indigo workshops, participating in indigo art exhibitions…well…you get the point, i’m sure.

Ryukyu Ai Indigo-Dyed Artist Books

The nice part of “singing the blues” in your life is that you can serve others, and help them to fulfill their passion for indigo.  Or, i should say fulfill other people’s “undyeing passion for indigo” which is, by the way, the title of The Herb Society of America’s program this month…Fifty Shades of Blue: Our Undyeing Passion for Indigo.

I am humbled, for i will serve as a guest speaker.  Here’s a peek at the program brochure…

“The final presentation on April 20 will be by a special guest speaker, the indigo scholar Scharine Kirchoff. Scharine is a 4th generation textile artist who is preserving and carrying forward the indigo dyeing and weaving traditions of her Okinawan ancestors. Her program, Botanical Colors in the Spirit of an Ancient Craft, will also include highlights of her recent interviews with elderly indigo dyers and weavers in Turkey and Jordan. By documenting these conversations, Scharine is preserving traditional knowledge that might otherwise become lost with the passing of this generation of artists and artisans.”

Singing the Blues_website
Ryukyu Ai Eco-Dyed Artist Book

What excites me about this program, in particular, is that i will also speak on the contemporary revival of indigo…using traditional methods, for example, in combination with non-traditional methods to push the boundaries of our creativity.  Yes, i like that…let’s push the boundaries of our creativity…

Date:  Wed., April 20, 2016

Time:  6:30 pm dinner followed by 7:30 pm program

Location:  Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion, 1500 Hermann Dr., Houston, TX USA

my hanji…



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2 thoughts on “Our Undyeing Passion for Indigo – Presentation & Exhibit

  1. Ah! Just found your blog, Scharine! Sounds like a wonderful indigo celebration is going to happen on April 20th. Will look forward to hearing about the event and talk!

    1. Hello Ginny, How nice it is to hear from you…and all the way from Seattle too! Apparently, there’s an indigo study group at the Herb Society — who knew? I’m looking forward to presenting, and viewing the exhibits (last month they had some beautiful African indigo textiles on display). I’ll be sure to post some photos — but, a word of warning…you may find yourself wanting all 50 shades of blue in your own lovely work too ;o)

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