Oh, Did I Tell You?

Ryukyu Indigo Vats
Ryukyu Indigo Dye Vats

Oh, goodness…did i tell you?  i love working as a fiber artist!  i’ve worked hard to attain the skills and expertise i use to create my artwork. and, being able to share them, in some small way, motivates me to move forward.

The satisfaction and happiness i get from my artistic endeavors wouldn’t be possible without the support i’ve received from others…from the inspirational and talented artists i’ve met who have shared their expertise with me (for i am always learning) to the galleries that exhibit my work, and the organizations that have sponsored my teaching, i am ever so grateful. thank you!

Indigo Flower
Ryukyu Indigo Flower (ai no hana)

And, speaking of gratitude…i had the pleasure of teaching a plant-to-textile Ryukyu indigo workshop in the Texas Hill Country (Cedar Park) USA.  the workshop was sponsored by Okinawa Arts Research Studies World Scene (OARS), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts, history, and culture of Okinawa.

After the workshop, the nice folks at the Okinawa Times conducted interviews with David Williams, OARS President, and myself.  Recently, the newspaper published an article about all the blue-ti-ful fun we had with the workshop attendees and, of course, the magic of indigo. Oh, yippykiyay!

Please Note…i’ve been informed by Texans that this saying is an expression of happiness :) if i’m incorrect Texans, please let me know ;o)

So, here’s the link to the Okinawa Times article here: Plant to Textile Ryukyu Indigo Workshop

…and, for those of you who don’t read the Japanese language, you can cut and paste the article into google translate here: Japanese to English Translator

I’ll be posting photos of the Ryukyu Indigo plant-to-textile workshop soon. meanwhile…on another note…don’t you just LOVE indigo vats? yours in blue, Scharine





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