I began eco-dyeing about six (6) years ago after a good friend in a handweaving study group showed me her own eco-dyed projects. After learning more about the process, I realized that it was similar to the pigment extraction processes used to create Bingata natural dyes and Ryukyu Ai indigo vats in Okinawa. These are all forms of natural dyeing with variations in the mordants used and processing methods.

Using  botanicals from my natural dye garden and leaves gathered during walks and hikes, I eco-dye on fibers and cloth.  The process requires much patience and faith in mother nature.  The results are quite magical.

"Brazilwood" - Windfallen Leaves on Linen

Brazilwood” – Windfallen Leaves and Tree Branches on Linen

"Indigo Dreams" - Ryukyu Ai Leaves on Silk

Indigo Borealis II” – Indigo Leaves on Habotai Silk

"Stained Glass" - Eucalyptus and Ryukyu Ai Leaves and Onion Skins on Silk

What Lies Beneath” – Eucalyptus Leaves, Indigo Leaves, and Onion Skins on Crepe de Chine Silk


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