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My studios are located in Anchorage, AK and Houston, TX USA, and Okinawa, Japan…here, where i work, i am at home with my assortment of floor looms (including my Okinawan High Loom), natural fibers, natural dyes and botanical dye gardens.

My studios are special places where i work on applying the knowledge passed down to me from 3 generations of Ryukyu family textile artists…some of my work is traditional…often a spiritual and textural creation for my ancestors…and, sometimes my work is contemporary thus reflecting my own individual artistic evolution and style.  Welcome friends to my studio(s).


8 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. Seeing your website for the first time – I grew up in Okinawa, have lived away for 29 years, and listened to stories from my mother about how my grandmother created kimonos from raising the silkworms, dying, and weaving the fabric – the entire process. This may be why I was drawn to learning to spin although I have not yet learned to spin silk or bashoo. What a beautiful connection to the ancestors you have – thanks for sharing! Do you ever come out east to teach? (^_^)

    1. Hello Marion, Thank you for your delightful note — it’s so nice to hear about your Ryukyu weaving, dyeing and spinning heritage. We are united by chimugukuru, a celebration of the heart, soul and spirit of Okinawa. Yes, I do teach. I’ve recently returned from LA where I taught Ryukyu weaving and dyeing to young Uchinanchu from North and South America and Okinawa. I specialize in Ryukyu Kasuri and Shuri Ori weaving, natural dyework and Bingata. Let me know your interest and perhaps we can come up with a plan for a workshop. My best to you, Scharine

  2. I really appreciate your blog. I love Okinawa and Ryukyu’s story. I will surely read often your blog because it is very interesting and it’s very nice to share your knowledge with us. You don’t have a shop on the web to sell what you are doing? Because it’s very beautiful and makes me want to have it home ♥

  3. Hello Mary, I’m so glad that you enjoy my website and postings. Currently, I sell most of my artwork via juried exhibits (these are listed under the “Selected Exhibits” on my website). In addition, I also do commission work. I like your idea of opening a web shop, and will seriously consider doing so. In the interim, if you see any work that you particularly like, please let me know and I would be happy to create something special for you. Let us be united by chimugukuru (the heart, soul and spirit of Okinawa). Gratefully, Scharine

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