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Currently, I teach the following workshops:

1.  The Magic of Organic (Botanical) Dyeing – 3 day onsite workshop

The use of natural dyes, including indigo, has been practiced in the tropical islands of Okinawa since the 14th century. Unlike in mainland Japan to the north, the native indigo in Okinawa is extracted and processed via fermentation. The heat extraction process is used to extract the green and blue pigment from the plant leaves.  When similar extraction processes are applied using a variety of botanicals, the surface design results on fabrics are beautiful. We get botanical imagery and color blending designed by both the fiber artist and mother nature hand-in-hand. This is the magic of organic dyeing!

Day 1
Workshop attendees will learn and practice different organic dyeing techniques including eco-dyeing and botanical printing.  A variety of botanical and natural pigments will be utilized for optimal color extraction, color blending and printing results. In addition, there will be instruction and hands-on practice on the following: methods for folding and binding our fabrics to optimize color and design; and, methods for adding supplementary surface design and texture. The workshop learnings may be applied to a variety of fabrics including silk, cotton, linen, wool/felt and paper.  Each participant will have time to plan and design their own pieces.

Day 2-3
We will reconvene as a group to continue our work started on Day 1.  In addition, we will view our results for the first time and document and share our results with all the workshop attendees.  These are important days with many takeaway learnings.

Cost: contact me for a quote
Deposit: 50% of workshop fee
Supplies: a recommended list of supplies will be sent to the participants in advance of the workshop
Maximum No. Participants: 12


2.  The Magic of Organic Dyeing (4-6 weeks) – a virtual workshop

I’m also teaching an online version of the dye workshop described above*.  Six (6) techniques are covered over a 4-6 week period.  Dye technique instructions are provided one day per week followed by 1-2 hours of online discussion.  Students practice the technique on their own time during the remainder of the week.  Contact me for a quote.  The cost includes a start-up kit to help you get started with your eco-dyeing and eco-printing surface design needs.

Contact me if you’re interested in organizing a workshop in your preferred location or if you’re interested in participating in the virtual workshop. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy a joyful and colorful year with lots of botanical dyeing!

Contact: Scharine Kirchoff – – (832)293-3667



  1. Ginny Huber says:

    Looks wonderful Scharine. Just exactly my in Seattle though and will follow your postings here and on FB!

    • Hello Ginny, It’s so nice to hear from you! I’ve spent alot of time in the Pacific Northwest and just love it. How nice it is that you live in Seattle :o) Thank you for following my postings here and on FB. By the way, I’ve been asked to put together a virtual course in eco-dyeing. Let me know if you’re interested in participating in an online workshop sometime in the future. My best to you, Scharine

  2. mltai says:

    so glad to read your blog of the wonderful culture and pictures.

    • Hello Melinda, How delightful it is to hear from you via my website. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed learning about Ryukyu culture and the arts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you via FB, and am so pleased that we are united by our interests in nature and the fiber arts. Let’s stay in touch! Sending best wishes your way for a joyful and colourful Spring with lots of dyeing—Scharine

  3. I would be very interested in a virtual workshop. Are you still offering this?

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