Those Sounds around Me…

When i was a little girl, i sometimes stayed with my Obaa-san (grandmother).  She had a house in the Tsuboya Pottery District in Naha.

During my visit, i could hear Obaa-san’s tom-tom (beater) on her weaving loom.  She had a small convenience store adjoining her house, so I often heard the voices of small children too.  They came by to purchase candy and ice cream from her.  The tom-tom and happy young voices surrounded me during the day…

In the evening, the sounds changed.  Instead, i heard the voices of those visiting the local Okinawa Soba house for dinner…laughing, chatting, and slurping…laughing and slurping…

Late at night, i fell asleep to the sound of the bells and drums emanating from a nearby Buddhist temple…

My Oji (Uncle) has drawn a picture of Obaa-san’s old house so that my Okinawan family can cherish our good memories there…i have such good memories of those sounds around me…

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