These Old Weaving Tools…

I like these old weaving tools…

My Bashofu Weaving Shuttle

and sometimes wonder what some of these old tools have seen…

Bamboo Weaving Reeds – Yanbaru Nature Center, Kunigami Village, Okinawa

Did they belong to a hillside bashofu weaver and spinner?

Bashofu Spinning Wheel – Yanbaru Nature Center, Kunigami Village, Okinawa

Like the tools that belong to my Izumi family?

My Great-Aunt’s Bamboo Weaving Reeds

Have they seen Spring days of Ai Zomme (indigo dyeing) and kasuri splashes?

My Great Aunt’s Indigo Stained Weaving Reed

Maybe they’ve even survived the days of war and ashes.  Some of these old weaving tools wove their stories with the grace of a fisherman’s hemp…

My Great Aunt’s Handwoven Silk and Hemp

Perhaps some of the tools wove bashofu amidst a green tea and deep blue kasuri indigo scent…

My Grandmother’s Handweaving…bashofu woven amidst a green tea and indigo scent


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2 thoughts on “These Old Weaving Tools…

  1. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your site and post it frequently on Facebook at Okinawa Arts Research Studies World Scene. This last one you did really hit home.

    1. Hello David, Thank you for thoughtful comments. I appreciate your visiting my website and sharing my post(s) on FB. I would like to learn more about Okinawa Arts Research Studies World Scene. I’ve been looking for an Okinawa Kenjinkai group in Texas–are you active in Kenjinkai group(s) as well? I’m interested in the cultural preservation of traditional Ryukyu arts (particularly handweaving, indigo dyeing and bingata). Therefore, I’m open to your suggestions. Gratefully, Scharine

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