Chanpuru means “mixed” in the Uchina Guchi language of Okinawa.  Chanpuru is used to describe many aspects of the Okinawan culture including its textile culture. Ryukyu Kasuri is a good example.  Ryukyu Kasuri originated in the Ryukyu Islands during the Ryukyu Kingdom period in the 14th century.  It is believed that the Ryukyu Islanders learnedContinue reading “Chanpuru”

Oh, the Light…

My Okinawan High Loom and Ito Basho spinning wheel Master, Oshiro-san, lives in Haebaru Cho on Okinawa Island.  The light beams thru the windows of his woodworking studio.  This is a special place where a talented man designs and constructs beautiful handweaving and handspinning tools that provide a lifetime of inspiration for the handweaver.  Oh,Continue reading “Oh, the Light…”