Kasuri (Ikat) Handweaving Workshop

Kasuri (Ikat) Handweaving Workshop

It was such a pleasure to teach an Introduction to Kasuri (ikat) Weaving workshop last week.  The workshop was sponsored by the Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin (WSSA), and was attended by participants from various locations around the State of Texas, USA. The workshop covered the workflow process that I published in the Complex […]

Ryukyu Textiles Presentation

Ryukyu Textiles Presentation

I’m so pleased to serve as the guest speaker at the Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin (WSSA), Texas USA meeting on Thurs., October 11, 2018 at 7 pm. My presentation is entitled “Weaving and Dyeing in the Colorful Spirit of an Ancient Craft”. The highlights of the presentation include an overview of the textile […]

On the Loom today (8/12/11)…

Handspun linen and hemp is on my loom today…another antique Japanese weave structure is the pleasantry of the day! Handspun Linen and Hemp. Orimono Soshiki Hen Weave Structure.

On the Loom today (8/6/11)…

What’s on the loom today?…well, there’s some kibiso silk from the cocoon dancing with handspun recycled silk…nature’s textures make me smile this way… Kabiso Silk and Handspun Recycled Silk.  Plain Weave.

On the Loom today (6/16/11)…

I’ve been weaving away…oh, on what you say?  An antique Japanese fabric…yes, it’s such a fine day! Cotton and Linen. Antique Japanese Weave Structure from Orimono Soshiki Hen Textile System

On the Loom today (6/1/11)…

I’ve been weaving away…oh, on what you say?  A bamboo fiber scarf…oh, happy day! Bamboo. Waffle Weave.