Magic of Ryukyu Ai Presentation

Ryukyu Ai (indigo) is one of my most favorite natural dyes. So, I was thrilled to be invited to speak about the “The Magic of Ryukyu Ai” on Friday, October 26, at 7:00 pm.  My presentation is sponsored by Okinawa Arts Research Studies World Scene in Austin, TX USA. The event will include an overviewContinue reading “Magic of Ryukyu Ai Presentation”

Kasuri (Ikat) Handweaving Workshop

It was such a pleasure to teach an Introduction to Kasuri (ikat) Weaving workshop last week.  The workshop was sponsored by the Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin (WSSA), and was attended by participants from various locations around the State of Texas, USA. The workshop covered the workflow process that I published in the ComplexContinue reading “Kasuri (Ikat) Handweaving Workshop”

Ryukyu Textiles Presentation

I’m so pleased to serve as the guest speaker at the Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin (WSSA), Texas USA meeting on Thurs., October 11, 2018 at 7 pm. My presentation is entitled “Weaving and Dyeing in the Colorful Spirit of an Ancient Craft”. The highlights of the presentation include an overview of the textileContinue reading “Ryukyu Textiles Presentation”

森林浴 (Shinrin-yoku) (n.)

森林浴 (Shinrin-yoku) (n.) the art of “taking in the forest atmosphere” i really enjoy hiking in the mountains and walking in the forest.  During these treks, i get the most wonderful feeling, particularly when i wander under a canopy of leaves and trees.  In those moments, the trees and leaves speak to me (in silence,Continue reading “森林浴 (Shinrin-yoku) (n.)”

Our Undyeing Passion for Indigo – Presentation & Exhibit

It’s spring.  So, there has been a flurry of Ryukyu Ai (indigo) activity… well there’s the indigo harvesting, running vat trials on this season’s harvest, fresh leaf indigo natural dyeing and eco-printing, teaching indigo workshops, participating in indigo art exhibitions…well…you get the point, i’m sure. The nice part of “singing the blues” in your lifeContinue reading “Our Undyeing Passion for Indigo – Presentation & Exhibit”

漏れ日 (Komorebi) (n.)

木漏れ日 (Komorebi)
(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees…my Komorebi eco-print album…

My Uwa-Pari

I planted Ryukyu Ai (indigo) outside my studio last Spring…the plants are healthy and the time for gathering the leaves for fermentation dyeing is drawing near. However, last summer i grew oh soo impatient…so, i picked some leaves and bound them in vintage Japanese cotton cloth to extract the pigment.  Thereafter, i fermented the clothContinue reading “My Uwa-Pari”

Eco-dyeing across 3 continents…

I learned traditional dye methods in the Ryukyu Islands, located in the southernmost Prefecture of Japan.  Ryukyu dye methods have been practiced for many, many centuries. As i continue to learn dye methods originating from around the world, the more i see common methods and themes.  The Ryukyu dye methods,  for example, often utilize saltwaterContinue reading “Eco-dyeing across 3 continents…”


Awamori is an ancient alcoholic beverage indigenous to Okinawa.  It is distilled from rice.  The awamori distillation process originates from Thailand.  It is different from sake, mainland Japan’s indigenous drink. Sake is brewed, and not distilled.  In addition, Sake is made from short-grain Japonica rice.  Awamori, on the other hand, is made from long-grain indicaContinue reading “Awamori”

Sugar Cane Dye

When my Okasan (mother) was a little girl, she remembers the local villagers processing newly cut sugarcane.  She was often given a piece of cane as a treat on the way home from school by those working the cane in Izumi Village. Now, many Okinawans use sugarcane for dyeing.  As in most Ryukyuan dye methods,Continue reading “Sugar Cane Dye”