Ryukyu Bingata Kimono

Traditional Ryukyu kimonos are constructed of handwoven fabric with bingata natural dye designs.  The underlying fabric is also handwoven, however the weave structure differs and consists of the Kasuri Ikat style. A Hanagasa (lotus flower hat) is typically worn with the traditional bingata kimono as seen on these Ryukyu dancers… As you can see, theContinue reading “Ryukyu Bingata Kimono”

Sugar Cane Dye

When my Okasan (mother) was a little girl, she remembers the local villagers processing newly cut sugarcane.  She was often given a piece of cane as a treat on the way home from school by those working the cane in Izumi Village. Now, many Okinawans use sugarcane for dyeing.  As in most Ryukyuan dye methods,Continue reading “Sugar Cane Dye”

Ai Dye…

My weaving and dyeing heritage originates from Izumi Village where the locals have practiced indigo cultivation for centuries. Ryukyu Ai (indigo) is a native plant.  Those in Izumi have a long and proud Ai Zomme (indigo dyeing) heritage. With the help of my Okinawan family, Ai dye now too!